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The CS2 Inc. has been creating IoT solutions and selling intrinsically safe tablets and communication equipment since 2015. CS2 Inc. solutions include Hands-Free voice-controlled wearables tablets to Wireless networks for the process industries. CS2 Inc. is pleased to offer these IoT products to the Process Industries and the public sector.

Portable Data Network
A network-in-a-box solution is provisioned with all the hardware and software components that are needed to quickly deploy a pop-up network on the go.
RealWear® HMT-1Z1
World's First Class 1, Div 1, Zone 1 Intrinsically Safe.
RealWear® Navigator 500
The next-generation industrial strength assisted reality wearable solution.
Thermal Camera Module
World's first hands-free voice controlled thermal camera.
Omniflow Solar and Wind Power
OmniLED generates and stores solar and wind power 24/7 for IoT applications including WiFi, cellular 5G/LTE, security camera, motion sensor, air quality sensors, and LED lighting.
Intrinsically Safe Communication Equipment
Solexy offers intrinsically safe Cellular Routers, Wireless Access Points and Repeaters, Serial Networks, and Antennas.
Xciel Intrinsically Safe iPad & iPhone Cases
When working in a plant that has the potential for hazards, a rugged iPad and iPhone are a great solution for digital work.
ConnectIt Intrinsically Safe 4G Mobile Gateway
An Intrinsically Safe wearable that securely connects data-enabled, industrial devices to the cloud through cellular networks.


CS2 Inc. continues to work in the plants with our customers. We are actual RealWear® HMT users in the plants. We support our RealWear® customers with Initialization, use case, Remote Connectivity Support for connected workers, and more to ensure our customers’ success.

Visual Assist

Hands-free verification and visual documentation with a high-definition camera that takes photos and videos of hard-to-reach places.

Remote Expert Guidance

Connects global workforce and enables frontline workers to get assistance from an expert remotely to resolve any complex issue.

Industrial IoT Data

Workers get real-time data that they need when operating, inspecting, or maintaining equipment.

Document Navigator

More productivity and safety by viewing technical manuals and reference documents with eyes forward and hands-free improves productivity and safety.

Digital Workflow

Operational errors are reduced with step-by-step visual instructions, checklists and data entry on-the-go.

Meet the RealWear Expert

CS2 Inc. is pleased to introduce our team’s RealWear Expert.

Tyler Reitmeier

Tyler Reitmeier, CEM® has 25+ years industrial experience, including 10 years deploying technology solutions for Air Liquide and 15+ years engaged in business development helping industrial companies accelerate and improve work processes leveraging technology solutions. Tyler previously worked for RealWear for 2 years, and is a RealWear Expert in the deployment, use cases, connected worker enablement, and more of RealWear HMTs. Tyler is based in Houston and has an Electrical Engineering degree from Rice University and a Certification in Energy Management from The Association of Energy Engineers.

1669048047772_Kyra 2021

Meet the RealWear Software Developer

CS2 Inc. is pleased to introduce our team’s RealWear Expert.

Kyra Dolifka

Kyra has a Computer Software Engineering degree from Texas A&M University.  Kyra worked for a major Department of Defense Contractor as a Software Developer, and for Capital One as a Machine Learning Developer for the Finance Department to develop a web-based ML app to monitor and compare employee and department expenses.  Kyra is now a RealWear Software Developer and works with customers and their software developers to convert their custom apps to RealWear apps for the HMTs.

The Solution For Every Need

Do you have a development team or partner currently working on a custom application for your business? CS2 Inc. can join your team as the HMT Expert to assist the team make their app compatible with the Navigator™ 500 & Navigator™ 520 and HMT-1Z1 devices. CS2 Inc. will work with you and your development team to codify voice controls for the operation of HMTs and to improve the user experience on HMT devices.

Do you use an existing Android OS tablet or mobile application? CS2 can integrate this app to be Navigator™ 500 & Navigator™ 520 and HMT-1Z1 compatible. CS2Inc. will work with you and your team to create voice controls and voice actions to make your application user-friendly on the voice-controlled HMT devices.

Do you have a dream mobile device application? CS2 can build the app of your dreams, tailored to your specific business needs. CS2Inc. will integrate you and your team into the development process, and you and your team will get to work hand-in-hand with a software developer on our development team. Once developed, you will have a custom application with voice-controlled actions, optimized for the Navigator™ 500 & Navigator™ 520 and HMT-1Z1 hands-free devices.

IoT Digital Solutions to
Fit Our Clients' Needs

Plant engineers and operators typically use paper and clipboards when completing inspections, checklists, calibrations, maintenance work inventories etc. With the recent availability of Class 1, Division 1, Zone 1 intrinsically safe tables and Hands-Free Voice controlled tablets, CS2 Inc. supports and provides IoT products and solutions to our customers.