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From plant and field workers to management, we connect your workflows in a modern user experience with mission critical mobile devices. The payoff comes in better human performance, corporate metrics and lower HSE risk. We understand your world because we live in your world.
For 27 years, CS2 plant engineers have been customer-focused and proud to support connected workers around the globe.

Industries We Serve

 Chemical & Petrochemical
Oil & Gas
Government & Public Utilities 
Hazardous Waste
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Take it to the next level
  • Improve HSE Compliance & Lower Risks
  • Transform Operations with Improved Speed, Accuracy & Reliability
  • Reduce & Resolve Downtime Issues
  • Improve Inspection & Maintenance Efficiency
  • Rapid Thermal Inspections
  • Real-Time Remote Collaboration
  • Real-Time Streaming of Videos, Photos, Data & Information
  • Remote Inspections & Maintenance with No Travel
  • Capture Senior Knowledge
  • Enhance Teaching & Training
  • Deploy Globally
CS2 Inc - Connected Worker


The connected worker is a worker who is “connected” to workflows, drawings, and manuals needed to do their jobs via hand-held tablets or head-mounted, voice-enabled mobile tablets. The connected worker has user-friendly, easy workflows without the old paperwork to capture more and new types of data for improved HSE, production, operations, and maintenance.

The connected worker is connected to teams, supervisors, and experts through mission critical mobile devices. For field workers, mobile connectivity provides necessary communication to mitigate issues and improve worker safety. In addition, the connected worker allows managers and executives access to plant and field data in real-time.

Through connected collaboration, a remote expert can see what the connected worker sees in real-time and guide the connected worker through tasks and decisions. Similarly, a worker can remotely connect to troubleshoot issues promptly and more cost effectively than site visits.

Connected worker solutions are instrumental in training new employees and training experienced workers to do new jobs. These solutions can serve as an institutional memory for a company, capturing and maintaining experienced worker knowledge.

RealWear Navigators

Navigators are ruggedized, voice-controlled, head mounted tablets for industrial and field workers that enable real-time data collection and decision making.

Revolutionize your workflows with cutting-edge wearable technology, seamlessly integrated with AI for an unparalleled hands-free experience to increase productivity, HSE, and access to real-time operations and data.

RealWear Thermal Camera

The world’s first hands-free, voice-controlled thermal inspection experience

Unlock the power of thermal vision to see and solve issues easier and faster than ever. Adding voice-controlled thermography to your RealWear Navigator keeps your eyes on the job and your hands free to work safely and effectively.

The thermal camera is a dual-camera unit with the ability to switch seamlessly between the visible spectrum and infrared to enable you to capture heat signatures. The thermal camera uses infrared imaging to present the heat signature of electrical panels, process equipment, high pressure steam, and more. MSX Enhanced Imaging adds visible light details to full thermal images to provide greater detail and accuracy.

RealWare device with Infrared camera
RugGear  RG750 / RG935

RugGear designs and manufactures high-performance mobile devices that combine proven hardware and communication solutions with state-of-the-art technology over public or private broadband via LTE. RugGear devices are the basis for efficient, secure, and stable team communication, offering Push-to-Talk (PPT) over network communication, and guaranteed continuous flow of data and information. Our devices are IP tested and certified, making them dust, water resistant and can be operated with wet hand or gloves, as well as Mission-Critical-Push-To-Talk (MCPTT) functions with our customer-focus to guarantee accurate communications and positioning in every part of the world.

CS2 Inc - RugGear RG750
CS2 Inc - RugGear RG935

RuggedEdge is the titan of industrial-grade edge computing hubs, specifically engineered to empower your enterprise in the most challenging environments. With its Class 1 Division 1 or 2, ATEX Zone 1 or 2, intrinsically safe certification, the EdgeOne and EdgeTwo are designed to operate safely in hazardous areas where explosions or fires are a risk. Featuring 5G and Wi-Fi connectivity, ensuring high-speed data transfer and unwavering communication in critical operations, our devices are rugged-built and matched with an advanced processing capability, making it the ideal choice for industries that require the utmost in performance and safety.

CS2 Inc - RuggedEdge device
iSafe IS530.1

iSafe Mobile devices are explosion proof and extremely resilient mobile communication devices that include mobile phones, smartphones, radios, tablet PCs, etc. for safe use in hazardous areas and for robust use in industrial plants and fields. Our devices are precisely tailored to the requirements of chemical, pharmaceutical, petroleum, and other demanding branches of industry. iSafe provides certifications as evidence of the high quality and safety of our products through approval procedures based on global standards. The satisfaction of our customers is proof of the reliability and ease of use of our devices in practice day after day.

CS2 Inc - iSafe IS530
Plum Case

Plum Case is dedicated to world-class, portable, secure, high-speed connectivity devices. The ultra-powerful, secure, and reliable products can support a small team or an entire office with its cutting-edge technology. Your plant and field operations will be able to not only survive but thrive with continuous mission critical communications in plants and remote locations with our long-range antenna arrays and external antennas, including Starlink satellite antennas. Teams can mobilize using the portable Plum Case without compromising the safety and security of streaming live data, photos, videos, and more.

CS2 Inc - PlumCase device

WorkfloPlus is a connected worker platform that ensures processes are done right the first time, every time to drive productivity, connectivity, and simplicity.

WorkfloPlus provides greater insight for data-informed decision making, while ensuring standardized, repeatable, and auditable processes. Detailed and expanded data is captured to provide a powerful new source of business intelligence and enable continuous improvement. Reports are generated as soon as tasks are completed. Information is instantly sent to teams, supervisors, and managers. WorkfloPlus generates a 100% accurate real-time view of plant and field operations.


Start with the plant and field workers and their daily tasks that need improvements in HSE, speed, accuracy and expanded data collection. Create workflows with a user-friendly, modern experience.

Connected worker solutions include daily use cases, mobile tablet devices, connectivity devices for streaming data, photos, and videos real-time, and workflow software.

Start with use cases that capture data and knowledge, connect workers to team members, managers, and experts to improve HSE, productivity, accuracy, and decision making.